Trail Head Ride
Turner 5.Spot
Travel: 5.5
Class: Enduro Trail/Adventure XC
Tech: DW-Link
Stock Colors: Blue Streak, Iron Glimer, Raw
The all new 140mm travel bike harmonizes the intuitive handling and incredible versatility of the older 5 Spot to a higher level with the addition of the dw-link for 2009. Turner revolutionized the trail bike class in 2003 and now, five years later, Turner's newest trail bike continues to be the leader with world class Turner geometry and unparalleled quality.
Now riders can experience the incredible efficiency of the dw-link rear suspension combined with Turners superior chassis integrity and award winning handling. Descending with the newest 5.Spot will give you the confidence to conquer almost any terrain with active braking and a perfectly engineered linkage ratio in the 140mm trail bike class.