Trail Head Ride
Turner RFX
Turner RFX
Travel: 6.3
Class: All Mountain
Tech: DW-Link
Stock Colors: Gloss White, British Racing Green

All Mountain riding at its finest, the totally redesigned 160mm travel bike will set new standards in big travel trail bikes, maybe we should rename this free-riding! The RFX's incredibly versatile frame encourages building the perfect bike for any terrain. The RFX can be built to 30lbs for a long legged trail bike, yet can handle the most potent slopes being ridden today. While this is no big drop park bike, build it with burly rolling stock and it can hold its own with the biggest sleds on the mountain. With 160mm of dw-link controlled travel this bike will climb with no dreaded pedal kick back of power sapping bob. Point it uphill and this light machine will climb through the roughest of rock gardens like you are levitating.